The Academy is a unique programme in New Zealand that offers young musicians the chance to challenge themselves and develop their skills in a supportive environment, surrounded by people with outstanding musical talent. We aim to encourage and inspire talented musicians to achieve to the very best of their ability, and to enjoy the journey the Academy will take them on.

Tuition at the Academy will be given by one of our accomplished staff, who combine their own performing careers with a dedication to the task of preparing young people to become the next generation of musicians. Our staff are inspirational figures who will nurture your musical spirit and help you to fulfil your potential.

No assumption about career choice is made by the Academy, but we strive to prepare all students with the skills and knowledge they will need should they pursue music to tertiary level and beyond. Music is a profession which can offer many and varied careers and we endeavour to encourage our students to be the best they can be in whatever field they choose to enter.



“In art, the best is the standard. When you hear a new violinist, you do not compare him to the kid next door; you compare him to Sternand Heifetz.”

Ursula K Le Guin