Our uncompromising focus on excellence is informed by our awareness that excellence in performance is no simple matter.

It is not enough merely to work hard. It is not enough merely to be talented. Our teachers are inspirational figures dedicated to bringing the best international methods and ideas to New Zealand students, surrounding them with like-minded people of outstanding musical talent, and helping them achieve the full realisation of their potential.


Music is one of the greatest and most demanding human arts. Its demands are exacting and its rewards are vast: we aim to take our students on a journey through both sides of this equation. We are all experienced professional performers and long-time teachers. (The skillsets are not the same. Students must have access to both.) We expect our students to apply themselves, and we also want to make sure they have fun.


We make no assumption about career choice, but we strive to equip all our students with the skills and experience required for success at tertiary level and beyond. We are confident that whatever field they enter, their lives will be richer for their time with us.  

“In art, the best is the standard. When you hear a new violinist, you do not compare him to the kid next door;you compare him to Sternand Heifetz.” 

Ursula K Le Guin


The student will have also individual lesson with a PNJA teacher within the programme.

The programme will also provide entrance into the following classes:

  • Musicianship class
  • Masterclasses
  • Performance Classes
  • Ensemble
  • Piano accompaniment
  • Participation in concerts on a regular basis
  • Competition preparation (as discussed with the teacher)
A key part of the Chamber Music Programme is, that students will continue their private lessons with a teacher of their choice outside the Academy.

The programme will offer entrance into the following classes:

  • Musicianship class
  • Masterclasses
  • Performance classes
  • Ensemble
  • Participation in concerts on a regular basis
All students receive a very generous scholarship from the Pettman National Junior Academy.

Fees are set for each academic year and are subject to increase as required. Unless otherwise explicitly agreed/arranged with the Head of Junior Programmes in advance, students are expected to take part in all elements of the core curriculum.

The Pettman National Junior Academy of Music is very happy to offer options for the annual fees to be paid. These can be either of the following:

Payments per monthly instalments: The total annual fee can be split into smaller instalments, with an invoice sent per month (total fees are to be paid within 10 months’ maximum).

Payments per semester: The total annual fee can be split into two larger payments, with an invoice sent per semester.

  • Chamber Music Programme: Annual fee $840
  • Soloists Programme: Annual fee $2,280

Extra help, based on financial need is available on a case-by-case basis.


Students are expected to perform at a standard equivalent to Grade 5 and above.


Entrance to both the Chamber Music and the Soloists programme is by audition. Students are expected to perform a varied programme of 5 – 10 min (chamber music programme) and 10 – 15 min (soloists programme). Part of the audition process is an interview, including the instrumental teacher, to discuss the best possible programme for the individual student.


The second stage of the application process is an interview with the Director of the Academy and members of the teaching faculty.


Successful applicants will then receive a letter of acceptance which outlines their status within the  Academy. This letter will outline the requirements and expectations for the programme, and the parents of the student will be required to sign a contract. On receipt of a completed contract, the Pettman National Junior Academy will issue an invoice for the student’s fees.


New Student Auditions

Auditions for the Pettman National Junior Academy of Music will be held from the 12 – 17 November 2018 and then again from the 4th – 9th February 2019.

Our Teachers

Mark Bennett

Violin / Viola

Wolfgang Kraemer


Sam Girling

Theory / Musicianship

Our Students...

Clara Salzmann, Viola

Our Students...

Andrew Yu, Piano

Our Students...

Anna Zhang, Flute
The Pettman National Junior Academy is proudly sponsored by

Maureen Pettman
and the
Pettman Foundation

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