Gaining a place at the Pettman National Junior Academy

Entrance Criteria

Students are expected to perform at a standard equivalent to Grade 5 and above.


Entrance to both the Chamber Music and the Soloists programme is by audition. Students are expected to perform a varied programme of 5 – 10 min (chamber music programme) and 10 – 15 min (soloists programme). Part of the audition process is an interview, including the instrumental teacher, to discuss the best possible programme for the individual student.


The second stage of the application process is an interview with the Director of the Academy and members of the teaching faculty.


Successful applicants will then receive a letter of acceptance which outlines their status within the  Academy. This letter will outline the requirements and expectations for the programme, and the parents of the student will be required to sign a contract. On receipt of a completed contract, the Pettman National Junior Academy will issue an invoice for the student’s fees.

General Information
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