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2017 overview

The Pettman National Junior Academy of Music is proud to announce a major innovation in our teaching programme: a new series of Saturday classes, to be held at the University of Auckland School of Music from 2017.

These classes, which will run on thirty Saturdays throughout the academic year, will allow Academy scholarship recipients to supplement and expand their normal weekly course of study. The classes will also be open to all students, meaning that it will be possible for students to stay with their existing teachers, while still benefiting from intensive Academy tuition, or choose a programme where the individual lessons will be included.

Our goal at the Academy is to help students excel through broad-based preparation. By the time they advance to tertiary study, our students will already be well rounded musicians, thoroughly prepared for the next stage in what, for many of them, will be professional music careers. The Saturday classes will contribute to this goal through a focus on:

  • •  Musicianship skills (aural and theory)
  • •  Performance (solo work presented to students’ peers)
  • •  Ensemble work (with a strong emphasis on chamber music)
  • •  Masterclasses (with visiting guest artists/university lecturers, who present seminars on special topics)

Throughout the day, we will offer a dedicated rehearsal space for students to gather and work on their chamber music repertoire. (Priority will be given to groups participating in the NZCT Chamber Music New Zealand Secondary Schools Competition). We will also hold an evening student concert twice per term at the School of Music.

Our classes are taught by a mix of university performance lecturers and national and international guest artists. Our goal is to provide young musicians with the ideal environment: inspiring mentors, important connections with accomplished artists, and the chance to collaborate with their peers.

Saturday Programme 2017

The programme will be offered thirty times throughout the year. Lessons and other activities are timetabled on Saturdays from 10am, continue into the middle of the afternoon, concerts will be held at 7pm.

Musicianship Classes

Musicianship classes will be held to help students further develop their theory and aural skills, as well as helping student broaden their general musical knowledge. This may help student gain useful skills, which they can apply to exams outside of the academy.

The classes will also help the students make the link between their study and live performances, by making references to the concerts provided by the Auckland Philharmonia Orchestra and the wider musical community of Auckland.

Performance Classes

Performance classes will be held in the School of Music Theatre, which will be presented as an ‘open lesson’, in which students can observe each other being taught by a respected artist in their related instrument.

The goal of the performance class is to provide students with the opportunity to receive and deliver feedback to and from each other, which would in return help them to develop their skills in critical thinking and self reflection.


This is a two hour session reserved for the students to have the time and space required for developing their ensemble skills further. The session will be flexible through covering lessons in chamber music/other ensembles work, as well as providing a time for students to rehearse within their ensembles.

The goal of this class is to help students improve their ensemble skills through regular practice with their peers. The skills gained may also be helpful towards the students’ preparation towards their ensemble performances outside of the academy.


The students will have an array of master classes presented to them by several well accomplished researchers. The goal with the master classes is to help students prepare for a career path filled with many challenges. This will involve topics such as, “To achieve success is one thing, to maintain success is another.”


This will be an allocated time in the programme dress rehearsals to take place prior to the student concerts. This can be a time for the students to simply have a sound check in the theatre and or to play through their item with their accompanists as a final run through before the concert.


In order to celebrate the progress made by the students’ work, a minimum of eight student concerts will be held throughout the year. These will be held at 7pm in the School of Music, which will provide students a professional venue to perform to their friends, family and teachers.

Individual Lessons

Individual lessons are to be arranged directly between the teacher and student outside of the academy. Therefore, these lessons can be held throughout the week so that a suitable time slot can be arranged to accommodate both the teacher’s and student’s schedules.


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